Benefits Of Bamboo

A Bit About Bamboo

Here’s a bit about bamboo.  It is truly an amazing plant that grows extraordinarily fast and can be used for a huge variety of things.  This is what I’m talking about when I say “sustainable”.

So, bamboo is located in Asia and is widely used in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese food. The most edible part of the plant is the shoots, plus they’re found on the market in various forms: fresh, canned, dried and frozen. Several varieties of bamboo shoots are edible and available for consumption, depending upon the region wherein it’s grown. Other than its culinary use, bamboo is also utilized as raw materials for the construction of furniture and even houses. Facts about the bamboo state that it’s among the quickest growing plants in the world and for that reason, abundantly available in Asia.

In the nutritional department, bamboo shoots are a good source of dietary fiber. Fiber has several advantages some of which help to prevent diabetes mellitus and heart problems. Copper helps with red blood cell formation, and manganese is essential for a healthful bone structure. Vitamin B6 helps in maintaining a healthful brain and nerve function. Bamboo shoots are low in fat and cholesterol, making it a healthful herb. Bamboo isn’t just a tasty dish to be savored with its distinctive flavour, however it also has many health advantages that we need to know about and bear in mind. Medicinal uses of bamboo were known and practiced by Asian healers of old. Anti-oxidants help to keep the balance of free radicals and ward off any excess amount that may cause a wide variety of problems such as the heart problems and even cancer. Bamboo is a low calorie product that’s high in dietary fiber. Therefore, eating bamboo shoots will fill you up due to its high fiber content. Women suffering from menstrual irregularities or illnesses can find advantage throughout the intake of bamboo shoots that helps to control the cycle. Bamboo might help to reduce labor pain in the last stage of pregnancy. Health advantages of bamboo include treating wounds and ulcers because of its anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo shoots are good for the stomach and may cure mild signs like indigestion and diarrhea.

All in all, it is a plant that scientists need to explore more.  Wonderful bamboo!

My First Post

I decided to maintain a blog about some of my favorite re-usable or sustainably disposable products, especially for the household.  What do I mean by “sustainably disposable”?  Well, I mean something that is biodegradable and/or compost-able.  I want to contribute to the world by not taking more than I give (hopefully).